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Update #9
« on: October 26, 2004, 10:01:34 AM »
This past Sunday I worked on the rear cowel area and managed to get most of it sheeted over. It now looks like a Heb rear BUT there is still a ton of work to do on the fire wall, hood hinge area, rear cowel support, etc.

Last update I just started to get the cowel area mounted, here is what I started with Sunday afternoon.

I started on the drivers side and worked my way to the center.
Here I just tacked the corner pannel into place. I made that by bending it over a paint can (wish I had a english wheel...and knew how to use it)

same as before, a spray can and some elbow grease and the corner fits fairly well!  

here you can see i made some templates to fill in the open space, I later used these to make my pannels.
Also  you can see the felt louvers and that thing that looks like a face, It's where the gas cap will go.

It's now starting to look more like a heb!

Here is a shot with it all filled in. Also note the Vintage filler cap. This will be most likely mounted here on the rear cowel to the tank below.

Also a set of louvers will be added to aid in cooling the motor (for now the felt marker vents will have to do ;-)

While searching for a vintage filler neck I found this period Banjo steering wheel. This wheel look close to the early Ford Banjo wheels. Very cool!

Thats it for this weekends work. I hope to get back to it later next week.
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