Author Topic: Feeling nostaligic: my 1969ish VW Squareback in 1977 when I was 16  (Read 2654 times)

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My first car.   Got it when I was 16 in 1977.   I'm guessing it was 1969 but could have been as early as 1967-68.  Pembroke, Ontario.  I used masking tape from my mom's kitchen drawer, one of my dads paint brushes and a can of yellow and can of black rust paint.    Sometime that first summer I added (glued) in white fur (faux)over the entire dash including where the controls were, all around the window and over the front seats ceiling.   Note the CB antenna although it was not quite centered from what I can remember.  The fur on the dash made finding the controls more of a feeling than seeing exercise.   

The rocker panels were completely rusted away (no heat up front) and on the highway the bottom sides of the back side panels would start to flap so I fixed by putting a screw into the bottom of each side and running a tight wire under the car tying them together and keeping them tight and down.   I installed a small piece of plywood between the back seat back and the cargo area that went the entire width and installed two 6" speakers to add a little ooomph to the stereo.  Sounded like crap but it sure was loud.   

Good times!
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Re: Feeling nostaligic: my 1969ish VW Squareback in 1977 when I was 16
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great first car, cool memories made and good times indeed!! thanks for sharing!  :cool: